The Duck Pond

Ducks in a Pond

Each Spring there’s water which accumulates behind my house. Earlier this month my daughter was walking around our backyard, when she came in we asked her where she was.

“I was at the duck pond,” she said casually.
“Which duck pond?” We both asked in unison.
“The one behind the house.”
“Did you see any ducks?”

We looked but didn’t see any. A few days later I look outside towards the “Duck Pond” and lo and behold there was a couple of ducks!

I grabbed my camera and quickly took a few pictures of this lovely couple. They looked happy in our lovely, but a little trashy pond. Our neighbor’s kids dropped that rusty bucket they found in the woods in our pond. I’ll have to clean it when all the water is gone. In the meantime, it makes a nice background for Duck Pond backgrounds.

It’s just to say that sometimes you don’t have to go far to take unique pictures.

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