Photo Challenge – 35 in 35

My photographic journey really jump started in February when I got my first camera. In order to make the best out of it I decided to challenge myself to take picture everyday (almost) taken from random selections. It was hard at times but it ended up being a great exercise in which I learned more than I could imagine.

So now, 2 months later, I just purchased my first extra lens which is also an investment. I got a Fujinon XF35mmF1.4.

The new challenge is 35 in 35 … meaning 35 pictures in 35mm.

This challenge is similar to the first one. A minimum of 5 photos a week, picked randomly. Themes this time are mostly objects, or something you can simply point the camera at and shoot. I haven’t added any techniques or vague themes like colors. I figured that for a prime lens I’d learn more if I vary the type and size of the subjects.

I’m 3 days, into the challenge. Follow #35in35Challenge on Instagram to see them all as I go along!

See days 1,2 and 3 below.

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