Light Painting with a Pixel Stick

My friend Jacinthe has a pixelstick and asked me if I wanted to test it with her. Of course, I said yes. She wants to get comfortable with it so that she can do some pixelstick workshops.

Before I go any further. What is a pixelstick?

It’s a stick. With 200 LED lights, which can turn in any colors. You load images, 200 pixels wide by any length. The stick reads each 200 pixel row from the image one after the other and matches its 200 light with it. The person holding the stick can move to create different patterns with the stick.

In order to photograph, you have to set your camera to let little light in and take long exposure shots of around 10 seconds (or BULB manual length). This will only capture bright light (the stick) and not the person holding it who preferably is wearing dark clothing but in the pictures below I’m actually wearing white jeans and you still can’t see me.

We didn’t have anything particular in mind. We just wanted to get comfortable with what the tool before going out with people. No one wants to look like they don’t know what they’re doing in front of others. Right.

All we shot was in (almost) total black so that we can really see the colors and what each file does.

Later this summer we’ll try with people in various settings. Jacinthe also wants to try it with cars or others cool objects. I’ll keep you posted about future tests.

Here are a few shots. It’s still cool just on its own.

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