Publication – A Road to Photography

When I got my Fuji X-T2 earlier this year I set myself a semi-daily (5-6 days a week) challenge to get me to shot with it, experiment with it and get comfortable using it.

I had 40 photo themes which I drew from every day.

As I went through the challenge, learning more and more about photography I came to follow this guy, Daniel Milnor, who’s a real believer in the benefits of prints and the creation of printed projects. He made a good case on his blog, and I decided to turn my challenge into a small magazine publication.

I used Blurb to create the project, the end product is clean and of great quality. I was impressed when I first saw the magazine format, the pages are thick and the color quality is remarkable.

I didn’t just want to add pictures in a book, I wanted to do a little more. Since this was a learning project for me and that I learned through almost every shot I did, I decided to add lessons learned with each photo. So 40 lesson learned in total. I think they’re interesting and anyone interested in photography may learn from them or they may also serve as gentle reminders if you’re a veteran photographer.

Yes, you can get it! If you live near me, I may have copies available. The intent was not to do a full publishing campaign but I did order a few extra copies. Blurb will also print them on demand and ship them to anyone, just go here or search for A Road to Photography on the Blurb website.

Creating this magazine was fun. I learned a lot from it. I’m going to make more of these for sure. Stay tuned!

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