Photo Challenge – 35 in 35 Completed

I completed my second photo challenge a few weeks ago. This time I was doing 35 random themed photos using only my new 35mm 1.4 lens.

The goal of the challenge was to get me comfortable shooting with my new lens. Having a do-it-all 18-140mm lens I initially thought the hard part would be to keep myself from always wanting to go to my zoom. Well, turned out the once I put my new 35mm lens on, I never looked back. I actually had to force myself to go back to my 18-140mm to shoot wide.

I love my 35mm. Moving around to get shots is not an issue. It’s great for much more than I planned on using it for. It’s a challenge for wider shots and the occasional times when I can’t get closer to my subject. It’s pretty good at close-up, and if I add my close-up filter it’s actually giving pleasing results.

Bottom line, if you get new gear. Get to use it. Often. Become familiar with it.


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