Family Photos – The Douthwrights

In July, I offered a free photo session to my Facebook world but finally chose to do more than one. The Douthwright family is one of them. They picked the location, I picked the time. We went to the old Moncton Highschool at mid-evening while the sun was still high but slowly going down.

I really enjoyed this photo shoot for 3 main reasons…

Thing I liked #1 – The Sun

Event though the sun was challenging the building offered plenty of shaded areas and the sun turned out to be the key factor of the shoot.

When I go on location like this I look beforehand where the sun is going to be using the website where you can see exactly where the sun will be. You can actually just click the link and see where the sun was during our photo shoot on July 23rd. I’ve actually pinned the map to where the picture below was taken and at the approximate time it was take and you’ll see how the sun was just peaking around the building.

Thing I liked #2 – The Colours

The Douthwrights are fashionable. Their clothings were perfectly matched, each colour complemented each other really well. And on top of that, the contrast between their cloths and the old stone building is complimentary making them stand out in every picture. Which is exactly what we want. If they’d been in neutral tones they would have simply blended with the building making my life harder.

Of course, me being so new to photography I would probably not have picked up on that during the shoot and ended up deceived at the results. BUT the Douthwrights are smart and made my life easier by perfectly dressing themselves!

Just look at how they pop in this beautiful architecture below. It would be easy to have the detailed architecture take over in a photo like this but the complimentary colours of the Douthwrights make them the centre of attention in this image.

Think I liked #3 – The Douthwrites Are Cool

Yup they are. They’ve put up with my fumbling around and testing this and that and all. I told them in advance this was a learning photo shoot for me but still they were cool all the way. I think we stayed there for about an hour and all 5 (counting the dog) were great and fun all the way.

All in all, I really enjoyed this session. It was one of my first family shoot. Definitely the first with a family I didn’t know well before hand. That was a challenge for my little introverted and reserved self. But I loved it and will do more in the future!

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