Light, Colors and Patterns Project

Just like that, today I decided to start a new project. Nothing like the two previous ones. This time, there are no themes, no timeline, no pressure, no gear. It’s purely about art and exploration of light, colors, and patterns.

Those three elements compose the most beautiful photographs.

Light, its direction, its intensity, its color, its softness all play a huge difference in how a subject looks in a photo.

Colors are the product of light, they can highlight a subject or conceal it. It can attract the eye or distract it.

There’s something about patterns that our brains like. Maybe it’s the simplicity of its repetitive features. Who knows?

I’ll be exploring these in the following months. I don’t have a definitive goal in mind. I’ll most probably do a publication of some sort with it next year. I’ll share my experience here on my blog and sometimes on Instagram, make sure to follow me @mathieu.tgd.

Here are a few I took today.

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