My top 10 photos of 2018

Before heading into the new year, I took a good look through my 2018 photos. It’s been a great year for me. From getting my first camera in February to owning 2 more prime lens and being where I am now. I find it hard to believe it’s only been a year. I’ve progressed a lot but it’s been hard work and I’ve spent many hours learning about all things photography, it didn’t all happened by itself without effort.

Being part of the Moncton Focus Camera Club has help a great deal, not only attending to the weekly meetings but being part of the organization and even doing presentation has pushed me forward. What an amazing photo club we have here in small city Moncton, averaging over 75 people in attendance every bi-weekly meeting!

I’ve also spent many, many hours watching and learning from Creative Live, to me it’s the best learning tool. We’re living in a wonderful time to be able to learn any craft from the best in the world!

I self-published a small magazine A Road to Photography from photos I took from a personal project I did when I first got my camera. Which got mentioned on documentary photography Daniel Milnor’s blog (Read his post bout it here), Daniel has been an inspiration to get that publication done and also a huge inspiration to my photography style and approach.

I’ve photographed so many things in a year, it’s insane. Just to name a few… I photographed pro basketball over 12 times, Ocean Festive official announcement, Jason Cyrus’ stage shows many times, a wedding, many family shoots, food event, and so much more…

It’s all over the place but I needed the various exposure to know what I really liked. 2019 will be all about finding my voice in photography.

So, all that said, I do have favorite photos in 2018. It wasn’t easy to choose only 10, especially when there’s a million of my daughter and family that I love but I choose my favorite in terms of creativity and meaning.

Here they are, in no particular order.

Sunset in Shediac Bay

This one was taken from our Focus Camera Club end of year party on a cruise boat in Shediac Bay. As we arrived to the wharf the sky was dark, it was super windy, there was a storm brewing. But, as a photographer that doesn’t mean “Oh, what crappy weather to be on a boat” but instead “Wow this has potential for an epic sunset!” And it was!

Through the window.

This was my first photograph with my Fuji X-T2. I love it. To many more creative shots with that camera!

Getting ready…

This is my favorite shot from the wedding I did. All the men helping lil’ Henri get ready. A priceless moment.

I took many flower shots, this is my favorite. I love the close-up shots where the background is blurred out and dark and the flower with a mixture of sharp petals and blurred ones.

Labrador City

I adore this shot. It just conveys so well Labrador City. Of course, the snow, it’s there, it’s everywhere! But then the lines and the factory in the back, it’s an industrial town. The clouds covering everything, sets a grim look on an isolated town in northern Canada.

This other magical sunset in Shediac. That time when I got my camera and Emilie said “Not your camera!” and the she started to pose, in deep water (she hates getting in cold water) in front of the sunset. No doubt my favorite photo shoot of the year.

Dog playing at the beach

Daisy was her name, she loves water. Just another time when getting my camera out at an odd moment paid out. I had my camera out when Daisy and her master came by, I asked to take a few pictures, then my daughter started playing with Daisy and I snapped this picture.

Looking into the snow globe

This is magical. One of those priceless moments, which lasted for about half a second that I’m so happy to have captured!

Walking down the street

There’s a mixture of happiness and sadness within this shot. The smile and joy of my daughter looking back and the calm sadness of her grand-parents walking away in the snowy scene. This shot will no doubt evoke strong emotions within me for the rest of my life.


Finally, my last image taken late Spring, just a few months before he passed away. He looked so peaceful looking through the window on a sunny morning, maybe he already knew what was to come. Or maybe there was just someone walking down the street, I don’t remember. But I’ll always remember him.

That’s it. My favorite 10 shots of 2018. I love many more but those have that creative and emotional quality which only comes in once in a while. Probably only when the sun is aligned with Saturn and the moon is full while the US president says something true. Ok, that would be never. Point is, these moments don’t come by very often and they can’t be created either so I’m lucky to have captured them.

Now bring on 2019!

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  1. Very good work Mathieu. Love the picture of Toto… a bit emotional over that one. Miss the big guy a lot… thanks for sharing!

  2. Mathieu, you certainly have a good eye for creative photography. I can see the passion, the love for it. Keep it up. Life will certainly have an abundance of opportunity for you to fulfil that creativity in 2019. Enjoy the new year!

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