Old Chair – The Process of Creating

As I keep searching for what type of photography inspires me the most and what I enjoy doing the most I keep seeing different styles and genres. I love the look and feel of these types of fine art photography. Old vintage feel, using a series of photographic styles and post-production techniques.

To me all tools at a person’s disposal is part of the creation process. There are no good or bad views or opinions. One may prefer natural unprocessed shots while others process the crap out of their images.

This is a debate for another time. But the rules I try to live by are to create genuine and creative work. Genuine in the sense that I don’t deceive the viewer, if I add anything to the image or alter it from what it originally was I’ll say it or make it in a way that’s apparent such as these. Creative in that I do not use technique first or repetitively but instead use technique (photo taking or post-processing techniques) to complement each project or subjects.

So here’s my challenge. I love this type of fine art project but they are really intensive to produce if I want to follow my own rules. Thought and work goes in every steps. It’s so easy to use the same textures, color profiles and processing on many images. But one needs to stop and create each images from ground up, starting with a blank canvas. Each image or project has to have their own voice.

I created these 3 images in a day, but I did borrow textures. I’d like to build up my own textures and use more of my library in my work. I’m pretty new to photography and only have a year of photos to rely on, but moving forward I’ll definitely expand my focus to include close up texture shots and abstract patterns to use in such projects.

Each of these have 2 to 3 layers of textures blended onto each other, their colors are processed to get that vintage feel (they were shot against a bright turquoise wall which is not very vintagy <- yup that’s a new word). But it’s all those elements put together which create the old vintage feel I was aiming for.

For now, I’m exploring.

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