I look pretty intellectual on this picture. I do love to read but I’m a slow reader. I feel that at the pace I read that I already have more than enough books to last me a lifetime in my library. It doesn’t matter, I’ll keep getting more.

On the left is my lovely daughter, Pénélope, who thankfully isn’t scare of my camera! She’s full of energy, jumps around all the time and smiles at life. Of course, she knows every tricks in the book to manipulate daddy.

My life partner, Emilie is just about as energetic. Fortunately for me, she doesn’t know all the manipulative tricks Pénélope knows… or maybe she does and just don’t use them. She’s has a passion for kids and people.

Beside photography I also make woodworking projects. Like this bedhead I constructed for my daughter. I make small stuff with the limited tools I have. I love the creative process of building these wooden things. I make all the plans myself. The part I don’t like as much is finishing.

Oh, and stretching on the bed is my fat dog, Toto. He loves food and he’s got a belly to show for it. No edible substances can survive on the floor of our house. None. He also loves to bark at the mailman, and every guest we have. It’s annoying. But I still love him.