Mathieu Chiasson - Photo & Art

My Photo Challenge 2020

In 2018, when I got my first camera I challenged myself to take 40 daily pictures with random themes in order to learn to use my camera and also to help creativity.

Now, two years later, my photography has evolved a lot and being in a kind of creative rut, I decided to revisit my first challenge and see how I would fair 2 years later. It's been almost two years day for day. I'm going to do the same theme sequence, no more than one image each day even if I know the themes in advance.

I've published a small magazine from my first challenge and will be doing the same with this challenge. I'll also share every image on my Instagram feed @Mathieu.tgd throughtout the challenge.

I'll share some of my favorite images from the challenge here on my site as I progress.

My goal for this challenge is not necessarily to outclass my 37 year old self, which I hope I can do better but I've set myself of only taking images that would have the potential of making prints. There's an elevated challenge to this, not only should the quality be spot on but the choice of subject, light, color and composition becomes so much more important. I've been exploring printing for almost a year, I've yet to find my printing process. With this challenge and having printing in mind at the capture moment might help me in that direction.

Well, I hope you enjoy some of the images I'll come up with and in the process I'll be having some fun. Isn't that all that matters in the end?