The Perfect Tool to Conquer Your New Year Resolutions

Posted Jan 1, 2014 by Mathieu Chiasson

Like everybody else, you want to be better. Get rid of all those bad habits, you know which one they are but so hard to take away. What if there was a tool to help you defeat those bad habits.

It so happens that such a tool exists. I know about it because I built it with the help of my good friend hypnotist Cyrus. It by no mean is a magical tool. Like everything else in life, the first step is to want to change. If you don't want to take that first step, no tool, no professional, no technics will ever work.

So here's your first step. Say to yourself, out loud, I sincerely want to lose weight in the next year. (Replace lose weight by any affirmation of your choice)

With that in mind, our free hypnotherapy app is a sure way to help you achieve your goal (which you just said out loud... if you didn't what are you waiting for? Don't you really want to get rid of that bad habit?). It's designed to keep you focused on your goals and consistently move you toward success.

What's in the Hypnotherapy App?

It's the first of many apps to come but for now we've focused on the most common pitfalls of life. Those things people struggle to get a good grip on. Here are the sessions you can find in the app:

  • Improve your confidence and self-esteem
  • Lose weight permanently
  • Stop smoking forever
  • Overcome insomnia
  • Annihilate stress and anxiety
  • Fearless public speaking

If used the right way, hypnotherapy will get rid of any problems you may have. Remember the key...

The first step is to want to change

The second step is to download our Cyrus Hypnotherapy app!

If you need further motivation you can also download my other app BlissNotes which is filled with motivational quotes handpicked to motivate you to get better at life.