Philosophy of Excellence

Posted Mar 28, 2017 by Mathieu Chiasson

A philosophy of excellence is when a person seeks excellence in themselves and their environment.

Seeking excellence is to consciously be aware of the small details which makes everything a little better.

Seeking excellence is to be willing to pay a little more for training by an expert or a master because you know the extra value won't be in the content but in the small details and philosophy only a master can convey.

Seeking excellence is choosing the right words to uplift others rather than bring them down.

Seeking excellence is the ability to manage your time so that those you love can benefit the most while those who have ordinary philosophies won't lower your standard of living.

Seeking excellence is also knowing how to deal with the things which have the potential to hinder your life and progress towards your goals and happiness.

Seeking excellence is living you own life, at the best of your ability while constantly growing and learning.

Stay away from anything that tries to impose their life on you, prevents you from growing and don't give you the opportunity to learn.

Choose excellence.