A new way to look at apologies

Posted Jul 12, 2017 by Mathieu Chiasson

There's a hidden meaning in genuine apologies whether you receive them or give them.

The act itself is noble, you did something you feel was wrong which may have hurt someone hence you apologize.

But that's only the surface reason for an apology.

Underneath, the foremost factor which made you think about apologizing was that you cared for the other person enough to worry about how they are feeling.

So when someone apologizes to you for anything they have done, thank them happily for caring enough about you to worry about how you feel and thinking about you outside of your regular environment. A sincere apology is crafted when the mind is at peace, usually at night or during a moment of solitude.

And also, don't hold back on apologies yourself. Even if sometimes you feel the other person may not mind or doesn't seem bothered. They may be bothered without showing any signs. But foremost, the gesture that you care is worth even more.