My latest app is one that touches a field I wanted to hop in for a long time. I've always been interested in helping kids learn in fun ways and now that I've done my first kids learning app I can tell you it won't be the last one that I'll do. I love it. What's the app about? Kids Draw and Learn Shapes will introduce over 20 shapes to kids. And really, can you name 20 shapes? I learned a few ones doing the app and I'm sure you may learn a few new ones too. ... Read more
Like everybody else, you want to be better. Get rid of all those bad habits, you know which one they are but so hard to take away. What if there was a tool to help you defeat those bad habits. It so happens that such a tool exists. I know about it because I built it with the help of my good friend hypnotist Cyrus. It by no mean is a magical tool. Like everything else in life, the first step is to want to change. If you don't want to take that first step, no tool, no professional, no t ... Read more
I've been working on this game for a while now. I've been through ups and downs. Through some unfortunate events. But in the end I'm still learning Corona SDK and Lua. In early September I gave a big push on the development of this game, did a lot of data entry and user interface programming. In mid-September I lost all that work, in the middle of re-organizing the way I keep my files (because I often work on multiple computers) one of my USB got corrupted. I only able to reco ... Read more
In today's CSS trick I'll show you how I did the animation in my menu. Go ahead and use it if you want. Tweek it to fit your site. First let's setup the foundation for our menu. The HTML below won't change for the remainder of the tutorial. When I'm talking about progressive web design this is exactly what it is. Start with the information and style it to fit you page's design. Home Blog Services Contact-Us   ... Read more
L'astuce qui suit est très intéressante. Elle vous permettra d'ajouter beaucoup de personnalité à vos sites web. Nous allons fabriquer un ciel complètement animé avec des nuages et un soleil dansant. Excité? Je sais que vous l'êtes! L'astuces d'aujourd'hui m'est particulièrement intéressant puisqu'il y a quelques années j'ai conçu le même tut ... En lire plus
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