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Self-published magazines.

A road to Photography (2018)
This is a compilation of photos from a project I did when I got my very first "professional" camera. In it I share some tips and thoughts about learning photography. This is more than just images, if you're interested with photography you may learn a few things. Or not, this was at my very beginning in 2018.

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Another road to Photography (2019) [Available soon]
A companion to the first publication. Another project I did when I got my first prime lens, a 35mm f1.4. Again, this project took place in mid-2018 when I was only beginning. In it I share a series of photos accompanied by lessons learned and tips I gathered while learning to use my new lens.


[2019-12-30] .. Design of the Another Road to Photography publication is complete and first proofing is under way.

Limited Prints

Limited Prints are coming soon. I'm currently working on my printing process, I have a few images almost ready, stay tuned.