Mathieu Chiasson - Photo & Art

About Me

My name is Mathieu Chiasson.

Once in a while I get to present who I am. But not very often, I'm more of an hermit type of person. I live my life, and try not to bother people.

Still reading? Oh boy, I wasn't ready for this. Humm. Beside me is my beloved family, they're fantastic and mean the world to me. I also call them my girls, the old one, Emilie who's also the mother of my daughter, Pénélope. And then there's the master of our home, Fifi our beautiful little dog.

Not gone yet? Ok, my interests. Well, photography and art, I think that's obvious. Then there's life, I'm interested in life. I like to ponder questions about the world around us. What makes life interesting? Why do people behave this or that way? Or even deeper weird stuff that I usually only tell myself because you'd think I'm crazy.

Anyhow, that's enough for now.

Did I say I was terrible at introducing myself?

Awards and Merits

2019 - Received a CAPA Honourable Mention for their Annual Photo Challenge.
2019 - Received a CAPA Honourable Mention for their 2019 Nature Contest.