Mathieu Chiasson - Photo & Art

Commission Work

Photography is a passion, not a job for me. But I'm always available to hear about your desired projects and I'd be delighted to help you reach your goal if possible.

I can do most types of photography projects from family session, products, portraits all the way to weddings. I'm selective on the type of projects I choose to work on. The most creative projects will get most of my attention.

I live in Moncton, have a family I love. I'll consider traveling for the right project.

Contact me with your project details and we'll set a time to discuss all your great ideas and how I can help you.

mathieutgd at gmail dot com

This is my email, it's a test of wit to see if you can decode this complexe formula. Internet bots cannot, I bet you're smarter! (Hint: at = @ and dot = . ) .. oh and remove spaces, space is nothing! Sorry about this but I only work with super smart people.

How do I work?

My favorite type of shoots are one-on-one portraits and social events. I have a very candid approach to events, I will not go around to make "look at me and smile" type of pictures. I like to be discrete and interfere the least possible with the event.

For one-on-one portrait I tend to like collaboration projects where everyone is inputing creatively. I'm open to make those in an indoor setting using studio gear or outside using nature's light equipement (a.k.a. the Sun).

What's my price?

I don't know. Every project is different, so is my pricing. Sorry about that. But hey, let's talk. I'm always curious to hear people's ideas and projects. I'm sure what you have in mind is super cool.

What about weddings? Same concept, no fixed rates, every wedding is different and of course none are as special as yours! Some requires full days, others a few hours. Some require travelling. Other's preparation the day before. Some specific shots. Plus I have a style that may not suit your needs. I want what's best for your special day, and if I'm not what's best for you then I rather tell you. Still interested, then let's talk over a coffee.

But as a general guideline, typical family shoot starts at 75$ and wedding starts at 750$. These are just baseline prices, not rates. Feel free to contact me for more details.