Mathieu Chiasson - Photo & Art

Present Artist Statement

I make photographs to explore our wonderful world, mindfully looking at all the intricacies of life. To explore little details in objects and subtle emotions in people. Slowing down and looking through my viewfinder allows me to see everything in a new perspective, visions that would otherwise be so easily overlooked. Guiding me towards a whole new appreciation of the world.

In this, the beauty of photography is that it gives me a way to share how I see the world. We all see the world differently and each image is an opportunity to be interpreted in a personal way by the viewer, triggering in them unique emotions and memories.

Photographs are tiny pieces of past realities made to guide the viewers present imagination. Small moments. Large landscapes. Tiny details. Strong or subtle emotions. Captured for everyone to interpret it in their own ways. Beautiful light and scenes are just the beginning of the creation process which is guided by exploration and finally ends with the viewer's own vision and emotions.

By the process of making images I accentuate part of that past reality while also leaving blanks for the viewer to add his or her own thoughts in the future. My photography is guided by exploration at all level of the process of image creation from capture to print.

You may have noticed the word "Present" in front of my artist statement, just as my photography is a constant evolution so am I. Who knows why I'll be making images in a few years? We're all continually growing and learning.