Mathieu Chiasson - Photo & Art

Artist Statement

! DRAFT - This is not complete, I'm still searching for the right words. All feedback is welcome.

I make photographs because I believe I can keep learning about myself and the world that surrounds me through my viewfinder by giving me the hability to stop my daily hustle, slow down and become completely mindful of the world around me. It allows me and the viewer to see the world in ways we would otherwise overlook, by showing small details we couldn't see or unique new perspectives. Guiding us towards a whole new appreciation of the world.

The beautiful thing about photography is that it gives me a way to share my vision of the world and how I see it. But we all see the world differently and each image I create can be interpreted in a personal way by every viewer triggering in them unique emotions and memories.

I photograph because I want to share with people our world in a way that will make them think and dream. Small moments. Large landscapes. Tiny details. Strong emotions. All in ways that will make them stop and interpret it in their own ways. Beautiful light and scenes are just the beginning of the creation process which is guided by exploration and finally ends with the viewer's own vision and emotions.

Photography only captures parts of reality, small windows on the world that once existed. By the process of making images I accentuate part of that past reality while also leaving blanks for the viewer to add his or her own thoughts.