Mobile Review - A game of illusions

Posted Aug 13, 2015 by Mathieu Chiasson

We've seen so many things attempted and done in games over the year that it's now very rare to come across something unique. Monument Valley is one of those games.

Monument Valley is a puzzle game based on impossible optical illusions and shapes. The goal is for Ilda, the main character, to navigate through three dimensional mazes which you can manipulate in many ways, twisting and reshaping her environment to allow her to reach her goal.

Every level brings a little something new to the table. When you think the creator's imagination has reached its limits they surprise you with a new trick.

Monument Valley is not very challenging but you'll want to go through every levels. Unfortunately, the game isn't very long and you'll be demanding for more.

The stunning and amazing level design do compensate for the shortness of the game. The creators have released new levels via IAP which will keep you going a bit longer.

I give Monument Valley 4 stars rating.

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