3 Simple Productivity Tips for Success

Posted Aug 25, 2015 by Mathieu Chiasson

Every successful person has one thing in common. They do hard work while unsuccessful people watch TV. Behind every success is hundreds of hours of tiny little tasks, often mundane and boring which accumulate to great things. I often find it hard to motivate myself to do those little tasks and you may have the same struggle. Following my 3 simple steps will help you become an accomplished achiever.

1 - Schedule your time

Take out your calendar and schedule time in your week to work on those tasks you tend to put of to later. Protect that time and don't allow anything else to take over that time. Your scheduled tasked should become as important at the doctor's appointment. Ok, I admit I missed my daughter's last doctor appointment but I think you get the point.

Avoid filling your to do list. We often place small tasks on a to do list. To Do Lists don't tell you when you're going to do something so it's too easy to simply put it off to tomorrow. The use of a calendar make sure you set out a time for those small tasks.

2 - Focus on Starting

Another trick that I use comes directly from the book The Now Habit by Neil Fiore. It simply consist on focusing on starting and not finishing your work. Sometimes we see work as a huge mountain and think that we cannot possibly finish it today so we put it of to tomorrow.

Instead, focus on starting for 15 minutes. Make sure you put away all distractions for those 15 minutes and you may be surprise by what you'll accomplish in such a short time. And you may not even want to stop after 15 minutes if you really get things going.

3 - Grind Time

This is a personal trick of mine. Since working on small tasks is important and I find it hard to wrap my mind around that sometimes I've started calling those time when I need to do as many mundane tasks as possible my "Grind Time". In fact, Friday is the day I do most of my grinding so I call it Grinday.

It's a simple change in wording but I find it really help to put me in the right mindset to accomplish the most out of my grinding time.

What about you?

There are my favorite tips for getting things done at the moment. There are many more tips out there, the important thing is that you can find what works best for you. If you have other tricks I'd love to hear about them in the comments below.

Let's grind.

Successful people do daily what unsuccessful people do occasionally. They practice daily disciplines.
~ John C. Maxwell

Suggested Book

The Now Habit: A Strategic Program for Overcoming Procrastination and Enjoying Guilt-Free Play by author Niel Fiore ( ) ( )