A Simple Achiever's Mindset Shift You Can Make Today

Posted Sep 10, 2015 by Mathieu Chiasson

I'll share with you a three word statement which changed the way I did things day to day. I first heard it from a Joe Navaro conference I watched years ago. It really caught my attention and I started using the concept in my day to day life. But it's only a year later that I really saw the full potential of Navaro's statement.

Move to Action

The Action Mindest in Action

I was in Niagara with a friend of mine who's in the entertainment business. Niagara has a very particular city when it comes to advertising shows and events because of the high level of tourism coming in and out of the city. Conventional advertisement was not an option in Niagara.

We were at a café talking to one of Niagara's top promoter about the importance of the hotel business in publicizing events in Niagara. After some discussion my friend asked the promoter if there was a way to contact the top hotels in town. As expected the promoter knew all these people and had the number of Niagara's top hotels' manager, Jim.

The promoter simply said, "Here's his number, call him."

My friend a bit confused replied, "Like, now?"

Yes, now.

People who achieve great things in life don't do it later.

My friend called right then, we had to cut short the meeting with the promoter because we secured a meeting with the hotel manager. We walked across the street to for our meeting. All this happened within 10 minutes.

Had he waited to make that call the meeting might not have happened at all.

So remember:

Move to Action

Say it to yourself all the time

Every time something comes up, move to action. People will notice your desire to get things done as soon as you adapt this mindset and they'll immediately see you as an achiever.

But most importantly you'll reap the benefits within days of adopting your new mindset. You'll have more time to do things because you'll lose less time waiting.

"Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days." - Zig Ziglar