My Top Book Summaries of 2015

Posted Jan 11, 2016 by Mathieu Chiasson

I can say that 2015 has been a very rich year in terms of reading for me. I had the chance to read many books which positively changed my life. Some others which didn’t, but I'm going to focus on the good ones.

I think these books really grasp the changes that 2015 brought into me.

This list of books is in no particular order so go through them all!

The Now Habit

If you are like me and time management isn’t in your top qualities then this is definitely a must read. Neil Fiore’s tips and tricks on time management are comprehensive and easy to understand.

It’s one of the first book I read in 2015 and I still use many of the tools in this book. It changed my way of managing my time and how to better motivate myself. He put a lot of emphasis on self-talk which I’ve made a habit to evaluate now. Procrastination is a thing of the past now. Ok maybe not entirely, but I’m heaps and bounds ahead of where I was a year ago.

“The important part is that you got started. When you’ve overcome inertia, you’ve gotten yourself beyond the most difficult part. Sometimes getting started is enough to get it finished as well.” - Neil Fiore, Ph.D.

The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster: Why Now Is the Time to #JoinTheRide

This is THE book which changed my life the most in 2015. I may not be an entrepreneur, maybe you’re not either. But this book covers life principles which applies to all areas of life.

Since reading the Entrepreneur Roller Coaster I’ve started following Darren Hardy’s work. Reading Success Magazine which he was the publisher until last month. I’m also an avid follower of his DarrenDaily program, a free daily capsule on bringing you closer to success. All of this his contributing massively to my 2015 growth journey.

In Darren’s book you’ll learn how to find your passion, focus on what matter, get better a anything, how to handle people, become an achiever, and much more.

Darren doesn’t turn around the subject, his direct writing style is just the right tone to get you moving. He’s saying things the way they should be said.

You, Inc - The Art of Selling Yourself

If you’re not a big reader (yet) then this is the book I’d suggest. It’s an easy read. All stories are in one to two pages format and does a good job at taking their points home.

These inspiring stories, fascinating examples, and amazing tips will help you in ways you might have never imagined. You’ll learn to make good impressions on others as well as how to keep yourself on top of your success game.

If any topic really gets to you I’d suggest reading further. Maybe in one of the other suggestions on this page.

This book is a good read for anyone who wants more of themselves.

Good Leaders Ask Great Questions

After reading this book John C. Maxwell instantly became one of my main model. He’s got a wise and thoughtful way of seeing any situations. His vision of life is wise and innovative.

I don’t think there’s other better resources on leadership than John’s teaching.

On top of teaching you how to ask great questions as a leader he also walks you through all possible challenges of becoming a leader through questions he answers.

A definite read for anyone, we’re all leaders in some way or another. Parents who want to lead their children, kids who wants to influence their parents. Workers who wants to share their ideas.

“Nearly anyone can achieve flash-in-the-pan success. We all get lucky from time to time. But if we want to sustain success we need to implement right and regular practices that help us to do the right things day after day. Successful people do daily what unsuccessful people do occasionally. They practice daily disciplines.” - John C. Maxwell

The Power of Passion: Achieve Your Own Everests

This one came out as a surprise to me. I got this book in a book sale at work for a dollar. The title got my attention and without reading further I got it.

It’s the story of two Canadians and their expeditions to climb to the top of the Everest. I learned a lot about mountain climbing, especially Everest climbing.

The trials these climbers has to go through are very inspiring. They’re passionate heroes.

This is a great read as much for the inspiration it’ll give you to climb your own Everest what ever it may be as well as for the story behind these incredible Everest expeditions.

“What I realized was that real winning had nothing to do with beating someone else. or crossing the finishing line first, or standing on top. Winning wasn’t anything external at all. It was an internal satisfaction, a deep inner sense of pride and joy.” - Jamie Clark

The Man Behind The Nose

The name Larry Harmon may not ring a bell to you but who he was is sure to sound familiar. Bozo. The Man Behind The Nose.

Larry was a one of a kind individual. His determination had no boundaries. He’d go deep into the farthest jungle to prove laughter was universal. Actually he did. Faced the most primitive of tribes dressed as Bozo, in the middle of nowhere. He succeeded.

His stories are all so amazing and incredible.

“I thought about all those boys and girls … and I wanted to give them the encouragement to know that one day, if they worked hard enough, they could be doing fantastic, wonderful things that maybe they didn’t dare to dream because they didn’t yet have the belief in themselves, because nobody had told them they could. That’s always been one of my goal with Bozo: to tell kids, both the young ones and the older ones in their forties and fifties, that they can.” - Larry Harmon

I hope his vision for happiness will live on. Dream on. You can.

What about you?

What about you? Share your favourite books from 2015 in the comments below. Or even books you've read that had a major effect on your life.

What books will you read in 2016?