Weekly Gems 4 - Fire - Social Anxiety - Courage - Self Motivation

Posted Sep 23, 2016 by Mathieu Chiasson

The weekend is already here! This week’s topics are all about strengthening your inner self. Find courage to have courage and be confident in social settings. John C. Maxwell discuss the need to find motivation within. And finally, I propose an app to set things on fire… which would definitely relieve some stress!

Quote I’m pondering

“Courage breeds courage"

I heard this phrase this week. Not sure it was said officially by someone, but to avoid any confusion I'm not adding an author. I loved this part because it resonated as true to me that in order to get more out of life, you have to show a little courage and every time you conjure a little courage it makes the next courageous action a little easier than the previous one. Did that made any sense?

Article I liked

Ten Truths to Overcome Social Anxiety

Hey. I have social anxiety. I believe everyone has some to a certain degree, some in various settings but we all have a little of it. Or a lot in my case. This is worth a little time to read!

Mobile Game I’m enjoying

Little Inferno

Beautifully executed game. It’s pointless. But it’s fun. You buy things and puts them on fire in your fireplace. There’s just something fun with putting things on fire! Not convinced, go ahead and try it!

Short video I found interesting

A Minute With Maxwell: MOTIVATION

John C. Maxwell is one of my top mentor for everything leadership and life philosophy. Watch this short one minute video for his view on motivation and why not to seek it in other but instead find it within.

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