Weekly Gems 6 - Love - Mindfulness - Comfort Zone - Brand

Posted Oct 9, 2016 by Mathieu Chiasson

It's only my 6th newsletter but I have to say the things I share in this one all have the potential of highly impacting and improving your life. It just amaze me the things we get access to, for free, in today's age. Just last Thuesday, I watched a complete Tony Robbins seminar live, for free. I know it's crazy! (I'll probably talk about this next week) But I digress, I hope you'll enjoy this week's Gems, take time to digest each one as they all offer great insights into living a better life.

Podcast with Seth Godin

As promised last week, here’s Seth Godin’s podcast from the Tim Ferriss Show on personal branding and many other awesome topics. If you only want to listen to the personal brand part it’s around the 27th minute mark but I highly recommend listening to everything. Seth’s wisdom is worth your time.

Our Culture vs Love

With Halloween coming I thought I'd share a blog post about love. Because love is something to take care of 365 days a year. Not just one day a year.

What I love about this post by Neil Strauss, seven time New York Times best selling author, is that is makes us rethink our society's interpretation of love. Shifting the focus from relying on each other for happiness to the self while building a relationship together. Read the article, it's short but very worth it.

Click here to read the article

And here's when I brag about meeting this seven time New York best selling author about a year ago. I was fortunate to be able to talk with him for a short period of time. We mostly discussed our kids which are close in age. No matter who you are, when two new parents talk it's all about their kids! His son is a real cutie. End of bragging. Bottom line, he's one of the major reasons I've progress this much in my life over the past years. So I was happy to meet him.

App I'm enjoying


Headspace is a mindfulness/meditation app. What makes this one attractive is its simplicity. They have a 10 day program which I did. You only have to take 10 minutes each morning to follow a guided session. (If you don't have 10 minutes in the morning please revisit my September 9 post and re-listen to the Tony Robbins video. Remember his words "If you don't have 10 minutes, you don't have a life")

I've tried meditation and mindfulness sessions many times. Both short and long. These just feel simple and effortless compared to heavier sessions I've done in the past. The program also have a few short videos which explains the working of the mind in simple ways. Just those are worth the time. The Take-10 program is free so you have nothing to lose in doing it!

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