#MyWeeklyGems 8 - Lying - Forgiveness - Recycling - Routine

Posted Oct 21, 2016 by Mathieu Chiasson

Quote I stumbled upon

“Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much” - Oscar Wilde

Article I found interesting

Daily Routine of 26 of History’s Most Creative Minds

I found this infographic super interesting. To visually see a glimpse into the life habits of some of humanity's most creative minds including Mozart, Picasso, Darwin, Freud, Beethoven and many more. For example you can see that most were early risers but still others, like Picasso, used the late hours as their creative time. Have a look, it's pretty neat. Leisure also take up a good portion of the daily habits of everyone on the list.

Book I Recommend

Lying - Sam Harris

I won’t lie to you, I loved this book. This book is a short (indeed very short, a mere 42 pages) essay on lying, not how to lie but the morality behind lying. In his essay, Harris explores al kinds of scenarios and types of lies from white lies to elaborate deception. Definitely a thought provoking short book everyone should read.

Here's two short clip from the book.

On the burden of lies.

“Knowing that we told the truth in the past leaves us with nothing to keep track of. We can simply be ourselves in every moment.”

On the cost of lying, is it worth it?

 “Failures of personal integrity, once revealed, are rarely forgotten. […] we cannot erase the bad impression we have left in the mind of other people."

Get the book: or

App I’ve installed this week


I may be the only one excited about this but here in Dieppe, Canada they’re adding a bit more responsibility on recycling to the population by adding a new 3 garbage bag system. But I find it makes things easier to have the new “other” option. So we can now focus on composting and recycling then what doesn’t fit either goes in the 3rd bag.

Plus there’s an app which comes with it with notifications, all kinds of explanations and also an easy search tool if you’re not sure where to put what. So check it out if you’re in the Moncton area.

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