#MyWeeklyGems 10 - Everest - Passion - Climbing - Miracles

Posted Nov 4, 2016 by Mathieu Chiasson

This week, I’m focusing on a single theme. Climbing. I’m no climber and when asked if I’d ever set climbing the Everest as a goal my response was “Hell no! I’m way too chicken for that!”

But I love climbing stories. There are many lessons to learn from mountain climbing and those who attempts to conquer the highest peaks on earth.

Here’s a few things I’ve learned

  1. You need a plan.
  2. You need a team.
  3. You must stay focused on your goal. You cannot be distracted.
  4. You must be smart enough to know when you’ve reached your limit.
  5. The deadliest part of the expedition is the descent.

The best part of all this is that all these principles can also apply to every dream you wish to conquer.

Book I loved

The Power of Passion

The first book I read on climbing. It’s the journey of two Canadians who set out to climb the Everest. It’s an inspiring story of perseverance and living your passion. I’ve learned a lot on high peak climbing, its challenges and how much planning goes behind it all.

Documentary I liked

The Summit

Watched this documentary last week. It’s a sad story of 11 death in 48 hours during a K2 (second highest peak but more dangerous than Everest). It doesn’t go as much into the minds of the climbers as The Power of Passion book but it definitely highlight the unpredictability of mountain climbing and also the importance of communication and planning.

Youtube video

Miracle On Everest

This is literally a miracle story. Lincoln Hall miraculously come back alive after being declared dead when he’s left unconscious at the top of Everest.

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