#MyWeeklyGems 13 - Receiving Feedback - Finance - Friends

Posted Nov 25, 2016 by Mathieu Chiasson

As usual, here's a few gems of positive information I've found this week. Or in the case of the catcher's mitt metaphor a gem that I rediscovered. Great weekend to all!

Quote of the week

“In order to make friends, one must first be friendly.” - Dale Carnegie

Video of the week

Watch the Catchers Mitt Metaphor by Neil Strauss

In this short video Neil teaches, in my opinion, the best way to receive and learn from feedback. It’s simple but the simplicity of this metaphor will make sure you remember and keep using it. I’ve learned this technique 2-3 years ago and still use it.

Music I'm listening to

C'est la Vie - Bobby Bazini

"Whoa, c'est la vie Sometimes you gotta let things be You can fight it if you want to There's nothing you can do Let it go and love will set you free"

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