#MyWeeklyGems 16 - Moving Others - Productivity - Health Tips

Posted Dec 17, 2016 by Mathieu Chiasson

It's been a very busy week for me, I admit the tricks in the double your productivity video helped me to not become overwhelmed. I found some neat health tricks from Dr. Mehmet Oz in my journal. And I'm loving the little bit of info I found on Instagram, I think I'm going to print it and display it somewhere.

Quote of the week

“You cannot move someone if you are not moved” - Tony Robbins

Double Productivity

We all have busy lives, many things to do. It’s not always easy to manage it all. In this short video Darren goes though 3 awesome technique to help you become more productive in your everyday life both at work and home.

Watch the video

Popular Instagram Post

The Final Analysis, love this little blurb on “doing it anyway”. Don’t let others define what you do or who you are. Do it anyway. Such a nice life philosophy.

Read it here

From my journal

Here are a few notes from an interview Dr. Mehmet Oz gave for Success Magazine 6-7 years ago.

The number one thing which makes the biggest health difference is walking. Incorporating walking habits in your daily life as simple as parking further can have major benefit on your health.

A positive mind plays an important part in living a healthy life.

Remember that food which has been designed to extend its shelf life actually reduce the length of human life. Eat whole, organic food.

Spend time in the now.

What you do in your life should give you energy.

Let love guide your actions. People who give live longer than those who receive.

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