#MyWeeklyGems 18 - Dreams - Habits - New You - Tony Robbins

Posted Jan 6, 2017 by Mathieu Chiasson

One week into the new year. I hope you still haven't dropped your resolutions, if you made any. If you didn't, now wouldn't be too late. As you'll see in Tony Robbins' video, making big improvements in your life doesn't necessarily requires big changes. Small habit changes over time will compound into massive improvements. The key here is consistency. I'm also sharing a great app to help with the consistency part. On that, great weekend to all. 2017 will be a great year!

Quote of the week

"The dreams of youth are the regrets of maturity." - The Lord of Darkness, from the movie Legend (1985)

Don't let that be you. Listen to the Lord of Darkness and stop dreaming!! Huh, NO! I mean listen to me and go for your dreams with fury! NOW!!

Video of the week

Tony Robbins - New Year, New You

I really enjoyed this video, Tony's direct way of saying things always helps to put everything in perspective. In this video he goes through his view of resolutions and the difference between change and progress. At the end he list 4 steps to your new year, new you which have, in my opinion, all that's necessary to up your game in 2017.

App of the week

Good Habits

Here's a simple app to help you track your new years habits, the ones you've committed to after watching the video above! :)

I really like this app's simplicity and yet it's very effective. Keep those habits going. Only 359 days to go until the end of the year!

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