#MyWeeklyGems 22 - Change - Advice - Complacency - Weird Tea

Posted Jan 27, 2017 by Mathieu Chiasson

I bet you can find a common theme in this week’s post. In fact I know you’re that smart since you’re reading what I have to say! Kidding aside, positive change is something we should all continually seek, see Darren’s video to find out why. But positive change isn’t always easy to achieve on our own and that’s why learning to take advice, which often may seem irrational or strange, is critical to healthy positive growth as you’ll read in Neil’s article.

Quote of the week

“If you change everything will change for you. If you won’t change, nothing will change for you” - Jim Rohn

Video of the week

The death of success. In this video Darren Hardy discusses how complacency (a feeling of uncritical satisfaction of oneself) kills success and life satisfaction.

Article of the week

How to get advice

Oh I love this one. Here’s my advice to you, wether you’re good or not at taking advice, read this article from Neil Strauss. In a previous post, I shared a short video from him explaining the Catcher’s mitt metaphor for receiving feedback, this article goes a bit further in details on how to take in advice.

"It is the ideas that don’t make sense, the ideas that you resist, the ideas that seem stupid, the ideas that you mentally write-off, and especially the ideas that you form logical arguments against that will lead to your biggest breakthroughs."

Tea of the week

Lapsang Souchong

Yes, tea of the week! I’m not the biggest, most fanatic tea drinker out there but I like sipping on good tea after supper. Now this one is the most different tea (speaking of ideas which sounds stupid) I’ve ever tasted. In fact, it smells just like a wood camp fire but has a very flavourful taste that’s even sorta sweet. Weird huh? Every time I steep this tea I always say “It’s a bit cold, I’ll start a fire to warm me up.”