Are you a spectator or a player?

Posted Mar 27, 2017 by Mathieu Chiasson

Twenty people on the field and eighty thousand in the stands. The spectators are the ones who paid to watch, but it's the players on the field who are truly alive.

-Seth Godin, Icarus Deception

At what point have we decided it's more interesting and worthwhile to watch the game than to play it?

Why arn't we playing? Are we afraid to lose? Or is it because we're afraid of not being the best? Afraid to look like a fool?

A lot to ponder about.

I'm standing and watching a lot of things in life. But it really is the times when I participate which makes me feel the most alive. I can't dance and probably never will be able to dance with grace and coordination... definitely never with flexibility. But it does feel good when I do.

Why not do it more often then?