Books vs Summaries or Blog Posts

Posted Mar 29, 2017 by Mathieu Chiasson

Why read a book that can be summarized in a few paragraphs?

This is a very good question considering we all have a very limited amount of time. Why read a book when you can...

  • Read an article
  • Read a top 12 list
  • Read a top 5 list
  • Read a blog post
  • Read an Amazon review

I recently read The Icarus Deception by Seth Godin. No kidding, I could summarize the idea behind the book in a few paragraphs.

Would you get the point? Yes.

Would it change you? No.

The power of a book is its ability (if it's well written) to take you into someone else's mind and make you see though their eyes. You gain a new perspective on a subject. That's how you evolve and gain new powerful ideas.

When you read a top list, you get the points but in your own point of view. What are you learning? nothing. How can you get better if all you read is translated into your own point of view? You can't.

There are great minds out there with powerful messages and views on things which you only have a fraction of the experience they've got. How powerful is it to see something from the point of view of an expert or visionary? It's powerful enough to change your life forever.

In the case of The Icarus Deception I was aware of the general idea within the book. If you would have asked me before I read the book my thoughts on the subject, I would have agreed. And most probably would have responded with a quick "I already know all this." Was this true? Yes. Did reading the book change me? Yes.

But beware... not all books are worth your time. Some are poorly written. Some have values that contradict yours. But do not stop at the first sign of disagreement, great minds are often hard to understand or follow but are worth the journey.