Taking care of the small things

Posted Mar 30, 2017 by Mathieu Chiasson

Over the past years, I made a point of not letting the small things get in the way of my life.

I'll take care of small, sometimes insignificant things, before they pile up.

Think about small things that others do which makes your life easier. Is there someone at work who always changes the printer paper before it runs out? Someone at home who tidy up the mail from the dinner table?

Those are two bad examples but still explain my point. Both of those things, anyone can do and most of the time will go unnoticed when done. But if they're not done by someone, they'll both become someone else's frustration.

How come such tiny details, so easy to take care of, are often left undone until they become a frustrating burden?

It's like we tell ourselves that it's such a banality that someone else will take care of it. Why pass that responsibility to someone else if its that easy? What if everybody thinks the same?

It's easy...

Trash piles up. Stains become nonwashable. Desks become messy. Dust becomes hairy balls.

You get the picture.

So do the little things, don't rely on others. Life's going to be a lot more pleasant.

And don't forget...

Small things also apply to people. Take care of people the same way otherwise...

Friendships disappear. Marriages crumble. Colleagues become unbearable.