What you don't do matters

Posted Apr 3, 2017 by Mathieu Chiasson

We focus on doing.

When asked the things we're proud of we often respond with all things we did.

But the things we didn't do are often of greater help to our happiness than the things we did.

For example, I didn't do drugs. I'm proud of that and I'm fairly confident to say that avoiding it contributed a lot to where I am today.

Take a moment to acknowledge the great things you didn't do which made you a better person today.

Now stop...

How about the present?

Are you doing things right now that won't help you in 5 or 10 years? Anything which isn't good for your health, family or relationships?

Decide now, to stop the things you will be proud of not doing in 5, 10, 15 years.

Major or minor things.

I'm not only talking about bad habits like smoking and eating chips.

Are you really happy with your job? If not, stop doing that and go somewhere else.

Friends you shouldn't spend as much time with, maybe they're bad influence or just bring you down too much. Stop seeing them.

Bottom line, the things we don't do is as important as the things we do.

"I'm as proud of what we don't do as I am of what we do." - Steve Jobs