Keeping Your Mind Under The Sun

Posted Oct 23, 2015 by Mathieu Chiasson

Negativity will kill your hopes for a better life. Just imagine planting two trees, one with full exposure to the morning sun and the benefit of the rain and a second tree where it’s covered in shadows most of the day and only some water find its way to nourish the roots.

In 5 years, which one will flourish the most?

Of course, no one needs a science degree to figure that one out.

The one without the shadow will grow to become a majestic tree.

What else would you expect, it’s common sense right.

But I'm not a tree? You wonder...

Indeed, you are not. But the metaphor still stands. The shadow represents all the negativity to which we are exposed daily. All that complaining, gossiping, those cruel news on TV and people who want to bring you down.

So why do we allow all that negativity to enter our minds? Wouldn't you want to become that majestic tree?

I don’t know why. I’m not in your shoes, but I’d advice you move under the sun and stay away from the shadows.

Move away from negativity. Don’t start your day watching and reading negative news. Don’t hang out with people who only talk about what’s bringing them down.

Become a positivity seeker.

How about if I add some fertilizer? You inquire…

Well no amount of fertilizer will compensate for the lack of sun and water.

You can read all the self-help books and attend all the seminars you want. You will not flourish if you spend more time in the shadows than under the sun.

You can't expect to fill your mind with trash and come out with a rich dynamic life. - Jim Rohn

All this being said, what shadows can you start removing from your life today? What are the things which prevent you from enjoying the sun?